Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Psycho-social apsects of shoes

Maybe I should begin this presentation with a warning to those amongst us with a gentle disposition, for what you are about to read will never make you trust another pair of shoes, or feet again. Your natural reaction will be, and I do not blame you, I have made it all up. However please let me reassure you that all you read is true, genuinely researched from legitimate sources and most certainly does not contain any personal bias or deviant preferences, from yours truly. Mythologies and folklore of many cultures are rich in material whose significance hinges on the bond which links the foot and sex together. Feet according to William A Rossi in his wonderful and toe curlingly funny book, The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe (Kreiger, 1993) are 'sensual objects which often require to be hidden from unwanted attention.' Few artists have missed the visual sensuality of the foot and her curves, convolutions and toe cleavage that make the pedal organ of erotic association. The author attempts to outline shoe provenance as well as explore the mystique that surrounds equus eroticus and its importance to the human condition.

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