Friday, July 17, 2009

Platform Shoes: Shoe exhibition

“The Heights of Fashion: Platform Shoes Then and Now” is an exhibition which highlights examples of platform shoes, sandals and boots from the 1930s till present time. The exhibition is currently at the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, North Carolina. On view are high fashion platform shoes by couture designers like Vivienne Westwood, Jimmy Choo, Ruthie Davis and Roger Vivier, whose innovative designs incorporated modern engineering with vintage inspiration. Salvatore Ferragamo, who elevated the platform shoes from casual beachwear to high fashion in the 1930s was the first to introduce the wedge heel. Fetish platform shoes with thick soles and very high heels appeared as early as 1920s and continue to hold an important place in the fashion market. Also at the Mint Museum of Art is the “The Art of Affluence: Haute Couture and Luxury Fashions 1947 – 2007” an ode to classic designers such as Chanel, De la Renta, Dior, Givenchy, Saint Lauren and Valentino. The cherry on the cake is Elton John’s haute couture ensemble by Versace.

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