Saturday, October 10, 2009

Women’s Shoes in America: 1795 to 1930

Women’s Shoes in America: 1795 to 1930.
by Nancy Rexford is a beautifully illustrated book (over 400 drawings) outlining the culture of womens’ shoe in the US. There are two sections to the book: Part 1 is a "A History of Women's Footwear in America", and discusses the history of the American shoe industry and surveys changing styles of shoes, boots, boudoir slippers, overshoes and sports shoes. It examines the relationship between women's footwear and women's roles in the context of 19th-century culture, as well as providing specific information about the evolving etiquette that governed women's choices in shoes. In Part 2, "Dating Women's Shoes, 1795-1930", there is a detailed reference for dating surviving shoes. This is a must for all collectors.


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